The Jewelry Store at 12 S. Main Street, changed hands on May 31 2021.

It is now run by S.E. Needham Jewelers,      Phone    435-919-0025

A brief history:   The shop is the oldest business, privately owned & in continual  operation on main street.  

It opened in 1914  as   O.C. Jacobson Jewelers,  in the new Brigham Hotel building.  on main street frontage (12 south main street)   after a few year  Olger Christian Jacobson went to California on a buying trip for the store, date not known, I’m guessing 1917 to 1919.  he never came back, He died in Nevada.  When and under what circumstances  - I have not found out yet.  He was married & had one young daughter. 

His widow in 1920 sold the store to John W. Peters, Mayor of Brigham City,. His son Milt ran the store for many years. My father started to work for Milt when he was in High School & learned watch repair.  Milt retired  in 1951,  Dad & Mom bought the store but never changed  the name Peters Jewelry, until I was  in High School.

I think it was in respect for Milt. Dad changed the name in 1968 to Jay Hansen Jeweler   I started full time in 1977 & became sole proprietor in 1987 & changed the name to Hansen Jewelry.  Now 12 S Main Street,   A place with much history,

        is S.E.Needham Jewelers  Best wishes

Click on door to see the  100 + year old interior.


De Beers diamond hourglass. #1012

Made to Mark the end of the 20th Century.(the year 2000)

The “sand” is DIAMOND crystals.(uncut diamond octahedrons) The frame is plated with 24Kt gold.

The dark rock is Kimberlite, the volcanic magma that brings Diamond to the surface of the earth. The red on  the kimberlite  is Garnet. The garnet grew (formed) while the Kimberlite was fluid along with the diamond & garnet.

I have seen a red garnet in a faceted Diamond.  I wish now - that I never sold it.   it was way cool!

These 2 photos above show 3 forms Diamond grow in. The crystal in the upper left corner and center in the second photo & above  are octahedrons. Most gem quality diamond come from octahedrons.  A more common from is the cubic form.  its only use is industrial , always opaque & you can see the varieties of color.

I have never seen a cube that was gem quality.

The flat triangle crystals are a twinned diamond crystal. They often are too thin to facet.  They show only 2 triangular faces in stead of the 8 faces of an octahedron.

However if you look closely, at the edges with magnification, you will see a hint of 2 more faces on each edge. Making a crystal with 8 faces!   There are 2 diamond crystal on the Kimberlite.  An octahedron and a triangle, (trigon.) In photo 2 - to the right of the octahedron you can seen one of the 3 sides of a trigon. It is 3 times as thick as the triangle on the table top & gem quality.

I’m Liquidating all finished jewelry & giftware.

I have unset stones that I will make into jewelry as time permits. If you see something you want, call 435-723-8141... I may not have a phone with me, Leave a call back.

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The hour glass is filled with a colorless oil, likely a silicone.  Thick enough so the diamonds slowly float down  to the bottom.  It takes 9 minutes for all the diamonds to reach the bottom.

Thank you to all the people who supported the store for all those years! I am keeping  to sell off my unsold inventory.

Then the URL:  -will be,   FOR SALE

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