Stainless steel & Swarvsky crystal Retail $100  

I am liquidating   what is left @ $28 each.

I only have 9 left

Stainless steel can not be sized.

***2 of the rings have a wide shank, you can see them in row 2 & 3. to get over a ***large knuckle? you need to add 1/4 to 1/2 size to

your finger size. finger sizes -that are left,

are below starting from the bottom row

the only rings I have left are the 9 above

bottom row left to right ring sizes : 6-1/2; 6-1/4; 5-1/2 

second row (up)  3 rings L to R: 7-1/2; 7-wide); #3 size 7

third  rows (up) (2 rings) L to R: size 6; & size 8 wide shank)

(top) 1 ring size 5-3/4   

being made of stainless steel the inside diameter could be made larger ( like a 1/4 size maybe even a 1/2 size) by removing some of the inside steel & then re-polish the inside.  the cost to do that would be an additional $20

Below, Handmade sterling silver beads (hollow), gold plated & then Rhodium plated.

& Stainless Steel chains $130

{beads with small drill holes  $155}

shown with: box chains, curb chains, rope chains,

you can choose a different steel chain for the bead you like or replaced Steel chain with a Sterling chain for additional charge.