4 stone pendant with 3 small diamond. Lab grown Emerald, Moonstone displaying chatoyancy, Madeira Citrine, Amethyst Retail $585   clearance $385

Lab grown Ruby

Sterling setting & chain $160 sale:$120

9mm wide - 10mm long                        

Opal fossil specimens.  The shell was a bi-value.

The inside filled with sand that turned into a sandstone over time The calcium shell dissolved over time & the open space filled with opal over time.

50 carat Flawless Smoky Citrine set in Sterling setting

$1100,  sale  $800

14 kt.gold setting & chain (20 inch)

one small diamond

& Opal triplet (quartz top, onyx backing)

Pendant 18mm tall

Retail $700 clearance $600

RARE Opal fossilized shell

hand build setting 14 kt. gold chain & setting   24mm tall  only 1 left

retail $800    clearance $600 

Opal triplet

(quartz top, onyx backing)

Sterling setting & chain

15mm tall

Retail $200 clearance $100

Opal in talc matrix

Opal is a sedimentary stone.

It is not crystalized like quartz. which is why it is a soft easily scratched or broken. 

Rain water is distilled water.

Distilled water likes to absorb minerals. Silica is high on its list. Silica likes to bind with talc.  As the rain water percolates down thru’ the ground it can pick up and drop minerals.

This is how fossils are formed it is also how opal is formed.

In this case, the rain water passed thru’ Magnesium  making a Magnesium Hydroxyl silicate (talc). Opal will fill in any open spaces in the talc.

Opal in talc matrix, Sterling Setting & chain

setting 22mm tall

retail $350 clearance $175

Pendant & chain sterling

matrix opal,

setting 20mm tall

retail $200 clearance $120

Pendant & chain sterling  silver matrix opal, setting 20mm tall

2 views front & back

retail $350 clearance $140

sterling silver setting & chain 30mm long

genuine Stones:

blue Zircon,Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst,blue Topaz, Garnet, and 5 diamonds retail $785

clearance $485

enlarged view

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