Sattler Clock #13  $4100,   (discontinued in 1999) Biedermeier, Tall case clock cherry with palisander inlay   clearance $2800

Very large fresh water cultured pearls & one cultured Tahitian  Pearl & one cultured South Sea pearl.

Sterling silver chain,  more than 50% off retail price  see page  7 pearl

ALL WATCHES BELOW ARE  ECO-DRIVE   (powered by light), they USE  a rechargeable  lithium battery.  NEVER try to replace the battery. If it stops, it needs STRONG LIGHT. Put it into a sunny window or  under A high intensity desk lamp FOR 12 TO 24 HOURS. If properly cared for These watches will NEVER need battery replacements.  If you see the second hand jump every 2 seconds, it is a warning, - low battery power. Expose the watch to strong light. 

Not too strong so that it get to hot to handle.

#EM0490    LADY’S  Stainless steel case, reddish brown leather strap.  NOTE the photo shows too much red   Eco-Drive (no battery)  water resistant to 5 BAR. 

****Also includes a stainless steel stretch band,  brand TWIST 0 FLEX

# AN3645-51E   Black finish on stainless steel case & band,

water resistant to 10 BAR

Retail $300  55% off    now $135 Battery run quartz  chronograph movement,

(stop-watch)   & date calendar


stainless steel case with black  finish, dark  blue canvas strap.  (can be stained black with a “Sharpie””  water resistant to 10 BAR

Retail  $350   65% off    now   $122.50

Eco-Drive Chronograph,

(stop watch)

with date calendar

black dial with blue trim

Retail $399  55% off   $179.55


stainless steel case & band. Band solid steel links.  Water resistant to 10 BAR

Eco-Drive Chronograph,

(stop watch)

with date calendar & blue dial

Retail $375

55% off   $168.75


stainless steel case & band. 

Band solid steel links. 

Water resistant to 10 BAR

Eco-Drive Chronograph,

with date calendar & black  dial  & red trim.


Man’s dress watch


stainless steel case 18 kt. yellow gold  finish, brown  leather strap. water resistant to 5 BAR

with date calendar

Retail $250,  new stock has a small scratch on crystal (at 3o’clock) I marked it down to 1/2 price $125.00

Retail $225 

55% off   $101.25

#BV1112-05A   Man’s Dress watch, stainless steel case. ECO-DRIVE movement with date, recessed second hand .  18 kt. yellow gold  finish,

black  leather strap.

water resistant to 5  BAR

Retail  $175 

55% off



All Stainless steel . WATER resistant to 5 BAR,  EcoDrive (no battery)  date calendar

Retail $225  55% off  now  $101.25

#FE6103   LADY’S dressy work watch,  Stainless Steel case with 18 kt. gold finish, silicone strap. WATER resistant to 5 BAR, 

EcoDrive (no battery) date calendar

Retail $225  50% off   NOW  $112.50

#AW7030-06E  Mans EcoDrive  with power reserve indicator sub dial, All stainless case with canvas military style strap. Retail $300  clearance 55% off  now $135

An important word about  ECO DRIVE -:  NOT OFFTEN THOUGHT ABOUT.    #1 Since you don’t need to change the battery you do not have to turn your watch over to someone who might not know what they are doing! I have lost count how many times someone brought me a watch “that is not working”  A big box store changed the battery now it won’t run. they give it back & say “must be something else wrong with the watch!” I discover that the lower battery contact, had been shoved into the moving parts of the watch work; caused when the new battery was improperly installed!    There was nothing wrong with the watch until the Big Box got their hands on it.    #2   If you don’t have to change the battery YOU DO NOT  HAVE TO TAKE THE BACK OFF!  The gasket lasts a lot longer! Every time the watch is opened you run the risk of damaging the casket and introduce dirt into the watch.  There is a lot of dirt on the back of a watch, after you have worn it for a few years that must  be removed BEFORE THE WATCH CASE IS OPENED.!  That thought never occurred to the BIG BOX stores.


BJ8075-58F  RETAIL $525

Hardened Titanium ECO-DRIVE

24 hour dial ,  Date

30% off   now  $368

Citizen’s description of watch.    The Titanium holds its own, with a movement tested to be 2.5 times more shock resistant than its competitors. With a solid black titanium case and bracelet, black dial and orange luminous hands and numerals, this timepiece is up to the challenge at both work and play. Featuring our Eco-Drive technology – powered by light, any light. Never needs a battery.      Movement Caliber number B872.

watch goes here

A vintage Vest pocket-watch vest chain, gold plated in very good condition. circa 1800 to 1930. The bar goes thru a vest button hole,  The bow at the top of a vest pocket-watch is connected to the swivel & goes into a vest pocket . The middle chain has a spring-ring for a charm of some kind.

If you were an engineer or surveyor a small plumb bob would be appropriate.  A vest pocket-watch is 1/2 to 1/4 the thickness of a workman’s pocket-watch which is just to thick and heavy to go into a vest pock.      $400