Blue topaz   20% to %40 off   retail price,     photos enlarged to show clarity


two  4.5 ct stones, 11mm x 9mm Swiss blue Topaz

sterling silver chain & setting

on the right: box chain fancy setting

on the left : curb chain plain setting

There are primarily, 3 shades of blue Topaz.

from light to dark they are:

Sky Blue, Swiss Blue, London Blue.

above retail $285 now $195

on the right retail $295 now $195

both the same size

3.55ct.Swiss blue fancy setting & box chain.

2 photos same stone/side view to show design

The right photo looks like a Sky blue because it is a side view! Depending on the size and placement of pavilion facets - and the height of the crown - face up - a gem can look Darker or lighter than the side view.  retail $170 now$120

3.6ct.Swiss blue fancy setting & rope chain. 

2 photos same stone/side view to show design

retail $285 now $175

7.35 ct. 14mmx10mm London Blue Topaz

plain sterling silver setting & curb chain.   Retail $499  NOW  $399

3.6ct 10mm x 8mm,Swiss blue Topaz

set in Sterling silver heavy bezel setting(side view above)sterling snake chain adjustable 17” to 20”

retail $285 now $185

2.5ct. 9mm x 7mm. color 1/2 way between Swiss blue & London blue Topaz

2 views sterling silver setting & box chain.   Retail $185  Now $99

4 mm round  sky blue topaz Sterling chain & setting Retail $46  now$35

  4ct. swiss blue Topaz,  sterling fancy setting

& box chain  

retail  $285

now $195

2.5 ct. swiss blue Topaz  fancy sterling setting & curb chain

retail $185

now $99

2.5ct. sky blue Topaz  Emerald cut plain Sterling setting & chain

Retail $95  Now $65 

a good replacement  for the March birth stone, Aquamarine

3.2 ct.

Sky blue Topaz

Emerald cut

Sterling setting  curb chain

Retail $115

Now $85

The photos are high resolution. If you want to see something larger; take a screen capture, save it as a jpg.  you should be able to expand a JPG

4.5 carat

4.5 carat

7.35 ct