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Porcelain by Royal Copenhagen, Denmark

on right:    Blue Fluted, open Double Lace, 
in production since 1775

on left:    Blue Flower, curved
in production since 1868

A stunning White Hermle Clock

Franz Hermle high-precision movement #761 (6 steel ball bearings, 6 ruby bushings, ruby jeweled escapement,   8 ruby jewels total)

White Piano finish, porcelain dial, beveled glass front and sides, Tungsten weight, pendulum: 78 beats per minute,    3 feet tall, out of production in white.

s.r.p. $9069,   asking $5000

Black piano finish & Cherry finish still in production.  special order only,  s.r.p. $9069   asking:  $6000
30 to 180 days delivery.  They are worth the wait!

Stainless Steel Marine Chronometer with Fusee/Cable driven gear train and power reserve indicator.

Glass panel sides allow for complete view of the precision mechanical clockworks.

This model is out of production, 30 clocks of this model were produced, two versions, Stainless steel (shown) and Brass with Roman number.
I have the steel clock in stock.

Clock by Erwin Sattler

Click on the clock to see Sattler Clocks on clearance.
I am no longer a Sattler dealer and closing out Sattler clocks in stock.

 Link to Hermle clocks in stock.Hermle_clocks.html