Hand fabricated Jewelry                                                   


"Window pane" cut, (with beveled edges), Rutilated Quartz in a handmade 14 karat gold mounting. Rutile, (Titanium dioxide), and Quartz, (Silicon oxide), crystals can both grow hydrothermally at the same time and in the same space; if both minerals are present in the hydrothermal solution. The Rutile grows as thin 'hair like' fibrous crystals and as you can see are trapped in time and space inside the clear Quartz.  Almost all of them sold

Fantasy cut Amethyst, in custom made 14 kt. gold mounting, made with cold forged gold wire and sheet stock.
$350 each

14 kt. gold with 2 diamonds t.w. .18 ct. Ideal cut (fits 3/4 inch wide belt) $450
Sterling with diamonds, (fits 1/2 inch wide belt) 3 stone, t.w. .21 ct. $350,     2 stone t.w. .14 ct. $300

Red and Black Jasper (quartz chalcedony) and handmade hollow form Sterling Silver beads. Acid etched with various surface designs. Two variations: mostly black with a little red-orange, and mostly red-orange with a little black, 32 inch long.
right: both necklaces doubled and stacked.      $250 each

Sterling Silver, 30 inch long    This sold within a month after finishing it.
I will make other variations on the design by special order, cost approximately. $300 to $400

Pretty in Pink:   a pin, 2.5 inches in length, made with sterling silver cable and the stone is fossilized Palm Wood.  $250

Solitude: a pin, 2 7/8 inches in length, made with sterling silver cable, the stone is black chalcedony.  $300

Nested: a pendant,
2.5 inches long on a rubber cord. Made with sterling silver cable, stone Dumorterite   $300

Wire rings:  14 kt., 14 kt & Sterling,  14 kt & Platinum.

45 carat Smoky Rutilated Quartz and .56 ct. t.w. Brown Diamonds. 14 kt. gold wire mounting made with a laser welder.  Pavilion  has one cleaved face that is not faceted on left side of front view and showing on side view.


5.16 ct. Aquamarine with unique cutting, set in a one of a kind setting, assembled from 14 kt. gold wire components,  laser welded.

one inch long.  $250