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Synthetic Diamond is a man made Diamond.    It is not an imitation “diamond”. 

It is Carbon crystalized in the Cubic (isometric) crystal system.

Graphite is carbon also, but not Diamond because it crystalized in the Hexagonal crystal system.

CZ (cubic zirconia) is an IMITATION “diamond”.

It is sold under a number of names that are misleading!

These names leave the impression that you are buy a man made Diamond.  It is NOT synthetic Diamond.

It is a synthetic (man made) material - zirconium dioxide, crystalized in the cubic crystal system.

Moissanite is an imitation “diamond” and also a synthetic (man made) material - transparent Silicon Carbide.

Imitation and synthetic do not mean the same thing.  Imitation only looks like the original. It is not made from the same material as the original.  Imitations can be a synthetic material like CZ, Moissanite, Corundom  or simple glass and plastic.

2 views of a Synthetic Diamond

The color grew with the diamond like it does when a Canary Diamond grows in nature.  The color was not created with radiation after the diamond grew. 

Color treated natural Diamond is a  another  subject!

Synthetic Diamond is chemically and physically identical to natural Diamond; only it was grown in a laboratory like the other Synthetic Gems: man made Emerald, man made Ruby, man made Sapphire.

These other Gems can have imitations also (like glass) - but they will not be chemically and physically identically to the gem they are trying to look like. 

Currently colorless synthetic Diamond cost more to produce than natural diamond.

Natural colored Diamond is very rare and very expensive.  This is where synthetic Diamond is competitive. The above 2 photos are 2 views of the same 1.37 ct. synthetic Diamond.  If this Diamond was a natural Diamond it would be priced at $60,000 per carat.

It is a Vivid Fancy Orangish Yellow.  And the origin of the color is the same as if it were natural.  As a synthetic Diamond it is priced at $6,000 per carat, a tenth the price of a natural Vivid Fancy Yellow diamond.

Natural Diamond can be artificially colored by irradiation, but it is important to note that colorless and near colorless Diamonds are NEVER irradiated because they are worth more as non-treated Diamond.  It is the off-color (light brown,yellow, gray) Diamonds that are irradiated. And the point here is the original off-color does not go away.  The color after treatment is not a pure color, the original brown, yellow or gray color is mixed with the treated color. You won’t see a Vivid Intense color in an irradiated Diamond.

And last,  I should discuss: terminology.   The Diamond growers like to use the term “cultured” Diamond.  Cultured has the same root as cultivate.  Cultivating a garden and culturing pearls, viruses, bacteria, tissue cells are organic processes.  There is nothing ORGANIC about growing crystals. They are not living organisms. Which is why I do not like the term “Cultured Diamond”.  It is an abuse of language.

You synthesize Diamond and culture Pearls! 

A  .40 carat round brilliant synthetic Diamond and one carat of near colorless natural Diamond, (clarity: VS)  melee,  pave set in 14 karat white gold alloy wedding ring.