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Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl

Royal Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia's oldest and most distinguished decorative arts companies. It is one of the last porcelain companies still producing hand painted decorations on china dinnerware. The china pattern "Blue Fluted" was first produced in 1775 and has been in continues production since! There are four variations of "Blue Fluted", the first photo below is an example of Blue Fluted Full Lace.
Mr. Bing & Mr. Grondahl worked for the Royal Copenhagen Factory before they stated their own company (B&G). B&G introduced the first Christmas plate in the world in 1895. It was not until 1907 that RC made their first Christmas Plate.

In 1987 the two companies merged forming one company.

The photo below shows B&G's 100 year Christmas plate, and a centennial plate collection. From 1990 to 1995 B&G reproduced one plate a year from the previous 100 years of Plates. The Centennial plates are smaller and have a gold rim, they are also dated across the top with 1895 - 1995. The years for reproduction were 1899, 1930, 1963, 1968, 1895.
The complete set $375.

The photo below is a 13 inch plate produced for the 1995 B&G Christmas plate centennial. It had a world wide production of 7500 plates.  The one in the picture is #6937.  asking $395.

The Zebra Plate, by RC was produced in 1993, 14.5 inches in diameter, it is plate #58 of a 2750 world wide production.

asking $500

A hand painted under glaze vase from the RC factory. 12.5 inches tall, with a deep cobalt blue under glaze and Apple blossoms hand painted over the blue base stain, using ceramic glaze and stains instead of paint, then covered with a top clear ceramic glaze. The effect looks like a fine oil painting on a vase. $1200 current retail.

asking $950  SOLD

3 Royal Copenhagen hand painted, high fire (cone 10) porcelain plates, pre-1923

Two examples of over glaze figurines, these from B&G. 
Over glaze is a technique of applying the china paints over a clear glazed figurine and then fired  one more time. The surface has a shine but not as glassy looking as the over glaze figurines. The colors keep more of  the - painted on look -

similar to an oil painting. 

Girl with racket: made from 1915 to 1932.  6 1/2 inches tall


the Emperors new clothes: made from 1948 to 1952. 10 inches tall has gold luster glaze. 

asking  $800

This RC figurine is an example of the underglaze technique.  The color stains are applied on the bisque ware and fired and then a clear glaze is applied and high fired to cone 10. (1260 centigrade, 2345 fahrenheit)