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Hermle Clocks Made in Germany

A stunning White Hermle Clock

Franz Hermle high-precision movement #761 (6 steel ball bearings, 6 ruby bushings, ruby jeweled escapement, 8 ruby jewels total)

White Piano finish, porcelain dial, beveled glass front and sides, Tungsten weight, pendulum: 78 beats per minute,
3 feet tall, out of production in white.

s.r.p. $9069,    asking $5500

Black piano finish & Cherry finish still in production.  special order only,  asking $6000
30 to 180 days delivery. 

Above :::  three of the 6 steel ball bearings.

below :::  3 of the 6 ruby bushings and a view of one ruby pallet engaging the escape wheel.

above left: Bent Beach wood, metal and glass  3 feet tall  #70644-382200   s.r.p. $489,    asking $318

above some discontinued clearance:

Hermle,  Convex Glass diameter 15 3/4 inch   s.r.p. $109    sale $50     SOLD
Bulova  Clock,  Art Deco style,   westminster chime,  20 inch high   sale $50

Hermle,  Oak,  shaker style, westminster chime, 23.5 inch tall, cornice 12 inch wide   $210 

Hermle,  dark wood, westminster chime, 36 inch tall, 15.75 inch wide  #70732-Q12215    s.r.p. $579  sale $371   SOLD

Hermle,  Reddish Brown bent metal  s.r.p. $219, out of production, has a small blemish on 6 o’clock marker.    27 inch tall   asking $50

Hermle makes the best sounding,  electronic chime, quartz movement in the market place!

Lexington, #21152-Q12114 westminster chime,

10.5 inch tall 14.5 inch wide
s.r.p. $479  asking  $321

right:    #22856-n92114    westminster chime,

13 inch tall 9.25 inch wide
s.r.p. $279  asking  $188  

left:     Salem, #22876-n90130
mechanical movement with bell strike to count hours.
13 inches tall  7.25 inch wide
s.r.p. $489  asking  $329   SOLD

Essex:    #22860-n90340 westminster chime,

11.5 inch tall 12 inch wide
s.r.p. $309  asking  $209   SOLD

Shelf, Mantel clocks
are 4 to 5 inches deep

Key West Camel back
westminster chime,

8.5 inch tall, 15.5 inch wide

s.r.p. $239,   asking  $159

Fairlee, cherry finish,  Camel back
westminster chime,

10 inch tall, 16.25 inch wide

s.r.p. $239,   asking  $190

Fairlee, oak finish,  Camel back
westminster chime,

10 inch tall, 16.25 inch wide

s.r.p. $239,   asking  $190