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"Time is the most important ingredient in the recipe of life" wrote the British naturalist Charles Darwin.

To that, the clock company, Erwin Sattler KG of Munich Germany would add:

Design, Precision & Craftsmanship.
Their clocks are truly works of art! And like art, they will last for many generations, a cherished family heirloom.  

Marine Chronometer: Stainless Steel, Power reserve indicator, Fusee / Cable driven gear train. A fusee is a tapered spindle designed to apply an equal pressure to the gear train as the spring unwinds. Otherwise the force of the spring is greatest when fully wound and diminishes as the springs unwinds, affecting the accuracy of the clock.

The clock can be used as a table or wall clock. Three adjustable legs with rubber feet allow the clock to be mounted on a curved ship's hull and mount it securely by lifting the clock away from the hull to lock onto mounting bolt.

I have one # 1365 stainless steel. Sattler clockwork Calibre #1360.   Asking  $6,000   comes with original box and papers, and a Sattler catalog (see below) 

Was also made with a brass case and Roman Dial.   
Only 30 clocks were made.  Sattler’s current version is over $9000    
click here to see detailed close-ups on my  clock.

Discontinued Clocks no longer available from Sattler,  on Clearance sale.
I was a dealer for Sattler Clocks from 1992 to 2005

A table & shelf clock,

Clock will separate from the black shelf it is sitting on.

Piano finish, Gold Leaf and Gold plated brass components, 8 day French made movement with bell to count the hours.
Hand Painted porcelain enameled dial.
14 1/2 inch, 37 cm, total height, two piece - shelf and clock #1122c.    Mint!, original box and papers.

This clock is in the Sattler factory museum in Munchen.

If made today, cost would be more than $3300, asking $1800

***Price includes 1 Sattler Blue catalog and flyer (see below)

Please read!       Pryer to 2000 Sattler made some clocks for their line, that did not use Sattler movements. This allowed Sattler to have a wider prices selection. These are high quality movements from well respected manufacturers, from commercial production runs. Sattler has very small production runs of their movements, with more attention to finish detail, and upgraded features like steel ball bearings and jeweled bushing.  

#1122c  Dose Not Have a Sattler movements. 

However,  Sattler would never use low quality movements in clocks with their name on it.  By 2003 they had stopped listing none Sattler movement clocks on their price list.

Almost ALL of Sattler’s small table clocks use a French made or Swiss made clockwork with either a jeweled balance wheel escapement or pendulum escapement  ( #1122c).  
***See catalog photos below of some of these table clocks.
During my years as a dealer, Sattler made 3 clockworks that were used in 4 or 5 table clock models and these were LARGE table clocks.

Alarm clock, Sattler # 1002, Cherry and Walnut.  12 day movement by Cyma Watch, Swiss. 17 jeweled movement, single winding arbor, turn  right to wind bell, turn left to wind main spring.   The “alarm” will  automatically shut off after 5 to 10 seconds.  To be honest the “bell”  (clapper, more like it)  will not wake you up.   But it makes a very good desk clock and the alarm can be used to remind you of an appointment or phone call you need to make.

Comes with Sattler box and papers.        Asking $750,   in 1997 was $1400    

***Price includes 1 Sattler blue catalog and flyer  (see below)

Sattler clock catalogs. early 1990’s 
Left about 1991, right about 1995

None of the clocks on these pages used Sattler movements. (1991 catalog)

Late 1990’s catalog

****Send me $20 and I’ll send you a Sattler blue catalog and flyer, post paid; 

or   $16 for the blue catalog only, post paid.    USA only      I have only 6 Flyers. 

Flyer from the mid ‘90s  (left) and 2005 Catalog      

Below - pages from the flyer,  has a lot of good information about Sattler and precision pendulum clocks. 

The table clock above is one of the few table clocks to use a Sattler clockwork. It was a fusee clockwork similar to #1360.